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The first MKT Depot was built in Boonville around 187, just before the railroad reached Sedalia on its way to Boonville. The railroad continued on to Boonville, crossing the Missouri river on its way to Chicago.


The original Depot was on the west side of the tracks and was used mainly for freight. After the second depot was built, the first Depot was used for storage until 1950 when it was removed.


Two pictures of the first Depot. Notice that the terrain was much different than it is today.


Photos from Wayne Lammers Collection

Katy depot 1871 panarama copy.jpg

First Boonville Train Depot

Notice the steep incline

Katy depot 1871  2.jpg

Close Up of First Boonville Train Depot

Boonville looking west from Kemper GREAT

First Depot

The second MKT depot, built in 1911 on the West side of the tracks, was a Mission style building which today is the location of the Boonville Area Chamber of Commerce, and it is also the start of the KATY walking and bike trail. The Katy Rail Road built 5 Spanish Mission Style Depots, and the Boonville Depot is the only one surviving.

MKT alice kinney.jpg

First Boonville Depot


Second and Current Boonville Depot


Lamine Train Depot

Katy _ Plesent Green_& Dorothy 3.jpeg

Pleasant Green Depot

Pleasant Green MKT Depot.jpg

Pleasant Green Depot

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